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The Bohemian

A guided tour through the redwoods to the historic Monte Rio Theater

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 3-4 hours of paddle time. All boats must be in by 3:00.

Paddle Times: 9:30 am and 10:30 am

Users Ages: 4+

150 +
From :
$ 150

A Guided Tour For Two at the Monte Rio Movie Theater!

This guided trip takes you and guest on a five-mile stretch of the Russian River that starts and ends at the historic Monte Rio Theater in Monte Rio. Please note that we use canoes for this trip. The route is rated as a Class I flow with enough current to keep you navigating and negotiating through over-hanging trees and a few sandbars. Approximately 3 hours of paddle time.

How it Works

Park at the Monte Rio Theater. Check-in at the River’s Edge office where our friendly staff will assist you with the check-in process and help to get you outfitted. They’ll also prepare you with a safety talk, help you pack your boat, and provide paddling instruction as needed. We provide PFD’s for adults, children, and dogs. There you’ll meet your guide and start your trip!

What to Expect on the River

The Russian River is a low flow sandbar river during the summer period. The average depth is knee to 10 feet deep with shallow sandbars and swimming holes deeper than 12 feet. The river is recognized for clarity and consistent flow as well as wildlife such as herons, egrets, turtles, osprey, various waterfowl, deer, and an occasional eagle or otter.

The Russian River is lake fed and very comfortable for swimming. There are deep pools, shallow riffles, and occasional sandbars that may cause you to briefly get out of your boat to pass through.

Join us for an enjoyable Russian River canoe trip. Book now!