Frequently Asked Questions

Will we get wet?

Yes, you will get wet. Even if you don’t flip, you will get wet from getting in and out of your boat, and from paddle drip.

Are the trips guided?

Our trips are self guided. Guides are available for Rio and Alex trips with notice and for a fee.

What temperature is the water?

The water is released from a lake and not cold. It is often mild seventies and a little cooler in the spring.

How deep is the water?

The water is anywhere from 6 inches to 10 feet deep….most flip in the shallows.

What will we see?

You will see wildlife such as turtles, wild ducks, osprey, herons and river otters.

Can we stop?

There are plenty of places to pull over and swim, picnic etc.

Is there a bar or food vendor on river?

There are no bars or services on river.

What should we wear?

You should wear shoes that attach to your feet such as sandals, water shoes or tennis shoes.

Should we bring dry clothes?

You should have a dry set of clothes in the car for when you get back

Do we have to wear a life vest (PFD)?

Children under 12 are required by law to wear PFD. One PFD per adult in boat.

Are there any rope swings?

There are rope swings and jumping rocks, but they are dangerous and for your safety we recommend you don’t attempt them.

When does the shuttle take us back?

We shuttle you up in the beginning…not the end.

Can we bring tubes?

You may bring a tube, but you must have seats in your boat for everyone in your party.

Can we tow tubes?

Towing a tube is not recommended. It’s difficult to steer, and slows everyone down.

Can we bring our dog?

We take dogs. If your dog is over 50 lbs. you may not want to as they may be uncomfortable. They must respond to voice command.

Can we borrow a dog life vest?

We have pet vests to loan…first come first serve.

What can you loan us?

We loan dry bags, coolers, net bag for garbage, wet bag, and tie downs for gear.