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What is the difference between a kayak and a canoe?

In a kayak you ride close to the water, making it a little easier to turn and can feel slightly more stable than a canoe. Kayaks have less storage space, but still allows for a small cooler and a dry bag.

In a canoe you sit in a seat that is raised, making it a little more comfortable, yet takes more effort and cooperation to turn, as the canoe is 17ft in length. Canoes have ample storage and can carry items such as a large cooler, a dry bag, and beach chairs.

Single kayaks are the easiest boat to navigate. Canoes and double kayaks require the element of cooperation which can be a little more challenging as well as rewarding.

Seating Guide:

Canoes will require 2 adults or 1 adult and a teen to navigate the boat. We recommend 2 persons per canoe, though a 3rd can fit if the party is small. The total weight should not exceed 550 lbs, including gear. A canoe also accommodates up to 2 small children, (10 or younger), a limit of 4 with a weight capacity of 500 lbs.

There are 2 seats in a canoe, children or third rider sit on the floor of the boat. Bringing a seat-back, towel or stadium cushion is recommended for greater comfort.

A double kayak is easier to navigate compared to a canoe, and can be managed by 1 adult and 1 or 2 small children. In order to add a 3rd seat…PLEASE CALL OFFICE TO RESERVE

Weight Limits:

Besides boat capacity weight limits, (see below), there is also an individual weight limit. If anyone in your party weighs more 300 lbs, depending on their agility, it may be difficult to balance in the boat styles we offer. Guests over 300 lbs. need to paddle a larger single kayak, as the canoes are top heavy and flip easier. If your weight exceeds 300 lbs. PLEASE CALL OFFICE TO RESERVE

2 adults and 2 children in canoe

2 adults and 2 children in canoe


Two average size adults.  Or 3 small adults.  Or 2 adults with 1-2 small children.

Double Kayak:

2 average size adults or 1 adult and 1-2 small children. In order to add a 3rd seat, please call our friendly staff to request.

Single Kayak & SUP:

1 average size person. Over 300 lbs, please call to request a larger  kayak. Examples:  (average size is considered 160 – 250 lbs)


Fit best in a canoe unless they are less than 15 lbs.


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